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Hello and welcome! I’m Jinx, your local writer and tea enthusiast. This is the place where I post work and generate new metaphors about tea and the literary arts. I like tea.

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Soft Thursday

Snows comes down in 

clouds (thicker than

the Milky Way)

and I change my

writing style

with the moon

(cycling inter-

stellar bicycle wheels)

making checklists for

the sole purpose of

completing them

for the sole purpose of

keeping it all together

the candles rise and

keep their flames

(respectively) poised

(respectively) without comment

and only I move

moving with my eyes ears

body open

I was never tired

of you darling

(goodnight goodnight)



Of course the scholarly folk will

assign it a letter

(according to appropriate criteria

and force)

a storm on a beach

makes the tide

go out

the fliers came first in

boots and parachutes and

helmets like the skulls themselves

hard and glimmering with

the curved light of that 

smile the dead always


and miles away

a general watches over

origami war machines

and the men use

crickets to find each other

(animals once animals again)

and Juno lays her body down

tired and swollen with mountains(bluffs)

like a movie I should know

and Americans die in

the state of Utah like

they always wanted

(just miles away)

just miles away

a general watches over

paper war machines

and like the church word he says

I Have My Doubts

I Have My Doubts.

Made In China

you know a lot of things

have been invented by the chinese

those shoes you bought

for graduation day they are

Made In China after all

those envelopes you mailed

you mother’s ashes with were all

Made In China see, even your little

the television set that

you bought yourself was

Made In China, yes even

the boy you pledged your

manufactured heart to he was

Made In China (not to mention

that your heart was Made In China

just the same) just the same your pencil

was Made In China and your ancestors

were Made In China together and the clothes

you wear are all Made In China

like every present you’ve ever bought

was not from your own hands

but Made In China

and girl and girl

you shouldn’t be so frightened

about the future you

Made In China and the pretty little

wedding dress that was Made In China

and that phone you’ve broken

that was Made In China

and girl and girl

you shouldn’t be so frightened

look into my eyes

they’re Made In China.