Letters of Saint Paul: Prologue

Tents of David, Inc

101 Jove St.

Tarsus, TK 43747


Dear Valued Customer,

It appears that you have made a purchase of 100 denarius or more from our company! We are grateful for your support of the enterprise, and hope your purchases were found satisfactory! As a thank you, we’ve enclosed a gift card worth 15 denarius! You deserve it! Don’t forget that you can save even more on tents by visiting our stall in the marketplace and asking about joining the brand new Rewards™ Program! All it takes is a couple of denarius, and you’ll get nearly 50% off a purchase made on your birthday! Again, we deeply appreciate your support, and hope you’ll tell all your friends about us! Remember, that’s Tents of David, the only tentmakers who put Judaism first!!!


Thanks again! And again! And again!


Saul of Tarsus

Company CEO


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