(1) Letters of Saint Paul: The Heart

Saul of Tarsus

777 Romana Rd

Tarsus, TK 43747

When you return from your hiking trip there will be a heart on the mantlepiece. I stole it from a girl named Gregory. She came to me for advice and I told her to go find out what all of this means. I asked her to be a prophet and she said all her thoughts come spilling out, all her ideas feel sick inside of her until she spits them out. So I taped her mouth shut with the Holy Word and she nodded that yes, she could think much better now. She knew everything about the world, all those words swimming around her mouth. But I’m sure what she knew didn’t taste all that good. Not really. So I told her to be silent for her own good. She didn’t like that. She wanted to help people. Honestly, I tell you, I was never intentional. I laid waste to her because she asked me too. She said that if I wanted a world like this she was going to take no part in it. And when she was sleeping I saw the words coming out of her eyes, falling like stars in ghostly dresses, and I saw the scars they made on her face. It looked wrinkled with all those red lines, like a curtain. I pushed it aside gently and I took her heart then. I ran. So there. There’s the heart. It’s not yours, like I wanted it to be.

Sometimes, Paul

P.S. I meant Saul, sorry.


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