(2) Letters of Saint Paul: Paper

Paul of Tarsus

??? Damascus Rd

Damascus, TK 43747

This letter was supposed to come after the next two. I know that because I see in chronological order. So I’m sorry about that. I should have warned my letters against you. Order doesn’t work for you; I get confused, I get scared. You make me blind. I’ve been blind for the past three days and everything looks like paper. So that’s where I’m writing to you now: on the world, on everything. I can’t see my pen but I know there’s paper here. Maybe I don’t even have your address right; it’s not like I can see it. Blindness is believing for me. I can tell you that I’ve never had this much faith in the world until now. It’s all so clear, so thick, the whites all sheared off a snowflake so lovely that I want to touch it. So so so. So you’re coming back, I hear. I hear a lot of things. The Lord talks to me in my sleep. He lies next to me in bed and whispers to my blank eyes that He’s coming for my hearing next. Oh, I haven’t introduced you two yet. Or do you already know Him? When you’re back, you’ll see Him. He’s changed my life. He couldn’t change yours, though: you’ve never been one for sweet lies.

Sometimes, Paul

P.S. I do mean Paul this time–I changed my name again.


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