I Died in a Box

I died in a box


that you were holding me


that I didn’t want things

to change simply because

I did not want to change them

myself, of course of course

you can get used to

whatever you want, take your pick:

in the box over there

(where I died)

(the one I died in)

I had a mirror

imagine, you said,

imagine you’re in a box

with nothing but a mirror

and there’s no windows at all

and there have never been any windows:

what do you do?

I would break the mirror, I said

I would smash it into shards

and slice the box clean, crawl

out of it and live my life as

a murderer, for you, for you,

I said, and you just laughed.

I died in that box


your face


what you would say to me

I died in a box

you gave to me

how do you get out of the box?

[stop imagining.]


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