Girl with pen. Will travel.

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Some other tips about what to expect here:

  • Short fiction with ‘Girl Talk’ listed before its name is part of a collection of that name I’m currently working on in my free time. It revolves around little snippets in the lives of women, girls, and other members of the female identity. Some are about discrimination and struggles facing women, while others simply reflect everyday life, which I think is an important contrast.


  • Letters of Saint Paul, on the other hand, is a newer project centering around Paul’s letters from a half-real, half-imagined world of the Bible. There are a great deal religious themes and references, but they in no way promote or put down Christianity. This is a work of fiction based on my own thoughts, and in no way do I mean to offend anyone. 


  • I’ll often dedicate works to certain people, leaving the last name and any other identifiers out for privacy reasons. These people are very close to my heart and deserve to have books written about them, whether in my humble words or someone else’s. 


  • There’s a lot of tea references. A lot. I apologize in advance.