Soft Thursday

Snows comes down in 

clouds (thicker than

the Milky Way)

and I change my

writing style

with the moon

(cycling inter-

stellar bicycle wheels)

making checklists for

the sole purpose of

completing them

for the sole purpose of

keeping it all together

the candles rise and

keep their flames

(respectively) poised

(respectively) without comment

and only I move

moving with my eyes ears

body open

I was never tired

of you darling

(goodnight goodnight)



Outside Upside

The trees are not

skeletons they are too

beautiful to be skeletons

the leaflets in their hair

old and informative

(this is winter they say

this is cold)


focused on the 

comings and goings

of Cummings and snowings

and wondering what I did

to deserve this